Freebie with Order
Freebie with Order
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Color Wheel Enamel Pin
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I don’t consider myself a pin collector, but I love The Gray Muse Pins because, not only are they pretty, but it’s so apparent how much thought and heart goes into every piece.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!


After placing my first order, I hoped the pins were as nice in real life as they looked in the photos...and they WERE! We love our Gray Muse pins. So, of course I have bought more. I cannot seem to get enough!


I love all of my pins from The Gray Muse! I love to wear some, and I display the rest on my pin collection board!


I don’t consider myself a pin collector, but The Gray Muse pins speak to me!


The Gray Muse pins help keep me moving forward and appreciating the small steps!


I have a few pins, and they are so gorgeous and fun! I created a little area to congregate my pins in my cubicle at work.


I get so many compliments on The Gray Muse pins. They are so cute!


My new passion is The Gray Muse pins! I need to get them displayed so everyone can see what I have.


The pins are so incredible! I display them on my wall and all of my bags. They definitely exceeded my expectations!