Sunflower v2 Floral Enamel Pin


Quick Overview:

  • Size: 1.75" Tall
  • Theme: Floral - Sunflower
  • Color: Vibrant Yellows and Rich Browns
  • Material: Premium Quality Enamel.  Utilizes UV printing, a technique that allows us to capture more intricate details compared to traditional enamel methods.  


Brighten up your day with the Sunflower v2 Enamel Pin. This 1.75" tall pin is a radiant depiction of the beloved sunflower, known for its large, sunny blooms. The pin features vivid yellow petals and a rich brown center, crafted from high-quality enamel to capture the sunflower's cheerful essence. It's a shining piece that adds a burst of joy and warmth to your style.

Symbolism: Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. They are known for their tendency to turn towards the sun, embodying positivity, strength, and the pursuit of light and happiness. Wearing this pin is a daily reminder to stay bright and follow the light in your life.

Perfect For:

  • Fans of bold and cheerful floral designs
  • Collectors looking for a sunny addition to their enamel pin collection
  • Anyone wishing to add a touch of joy and positivity to their attire
  • A wonderful gift to bring a smile and a dose of sunshine to someone's day


  • A vibrant touch to jackets, backpacks, or hats
  • Brighten up scarves, tote bags, or sweaters
  • A standout piece in any enamel pin collection
  • A delightful gift for friends, family, or anyone who loves sunflowers


  • Brings the joy and warmth of sunflowers to your everyday look
  • Made with durable enamel for lasting wear and vibrant colors
  • Perfectly sized for a noticeable yet tasteful addition
  • A beautiful representation of happiness and positivity

Let the Sunflower v2 Enamel Pin be your source of daily warmth and brightness, a charming accessory that carries the happy spirit of sunflowers wherever you go.

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