The Story Behind The Online Pin Shop

If you love art, creative self-expression, florals, and motivational affirmations, you’re in the right place.  
As a woman, minority, immigrant, mom, and creative, Founder Rubeena wanted to build a life she loved while providing a tangible way for people like her to feel comfortable with expressing themselves, and The Gray Muse was born. 
Created from the corner of her craft space one week before her daughter turned one, Gray Muse Founder Rubeena, a South-Asian-born, New-Jersey-raised perpetual creator opened her online enamel pin shop with the intention of inspiring others. 
Her background in the mental health field led her to recognizing the importance of powerful words meant to remind us that we’re doing our best, and how impactful acknowledging our limitless potential can be. 
Rubeena values creativity, community, and authenticity above all else, and she loves having the freedom to live life on her own terms (and inspiring others to follow a similar path, unleashing their own inner creative side, by sharing her journey)!
Her collections are inspired by artistic florals and uplifting reminders for artists, makers, designers, teachers, crafters, and curators. Here at The Gray Muse, there’s something for everyone—and that’s just the way we like it.