The Mint Gardener: Art Shed (Collaboration)

I'm super excited to collaboration with Sarah Simon, The Mint Gardener to offer a set of four special enamel pins that can be purchased through her Kickstarter Campaign. 

This campaign will help build out and finish an Art Shed on the edge of her quarter-acre garden property in Seattle, where she can host classes (live and recorded), in-person classes AND if we hit a stretch goal—create an artist retreat space. Any Creative Teachers would be welcome to come and use this space as well: to film, record and share their talents with the global community! SO AMAZING, right? 

Taking the time to slow down and create meaning in our daily lives allows us to enjoy and explore the relationships with the people around us. We all know how important this is, and how amazing social media can be for connecting like-minded people—sharing the beauty of art, creativity and community!
The Art Shed would be a place where:
* Worldwide classes would be downloadable and accessible at the attendees availability, both via SkillShare, YouTube and beyond.
* Worldwide classes would be taught LIVE, so people from every corner of the globe could interact and commune with one another over a creative skill. We would utilize IGTV and other social media community forums where live and interactive discussions of artistic mediums could be shared and explored.
* Small classes of 8-10 people and one on one classes.

There are so many tiered rewards to choose from — from art prints to custom artwork to enamel pins (by me!) to tote bags and more. Read her story, watch the video on the campaign, and share about the campaign with all your friends. The project is only funded if she reaches her goal so let’s help her spread the word. Thank you so much for helping artists' dreams come true!
August 26, 2019 — Rubeena Ianigro
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