the real reason I started selling enamel pins

the real reason I started selling enamel pins

February 18, 2020

what questions do you have?

I’ve had a few messages asking me about my journey — how and why I got started with The Gray Muse.

I feel like I’ve been talking about myself all year long, and yet, my story doesn’t reach everyone. it’s one of those things I’m learning to be okay with — repeating myself.

some of my friends read everything, and bless you for supporting me.

I do not like being the center of attention.

everything in business is me stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I started because there was a burning desire inside me to express myself.

for too long, I’ve said and did things that made everyone around me comfortable. and when I was “out of character” (i.e. spoke my truth), I was considered difficult.

there are layers to people. and learning and healing comes gradually as you train yourself to think in healthier ways.

so I’m just a human, learning about my layers, trying to connect better with others, share my story and my creativity, and spread some cheer in small ways.

my pins are reflective of my journey, of the little things in life that I love or experience or learned. after all, isn’t it the little things that matter most?

you’ll find me in all my pins: self-healer, connecting with my inner child, artist, moving away from people-pleasing, letting go of comparison, owning who I am and the power I have, a little sassy, a little funny, and so crafty.

I love watercolor and art supplies and organizing craft spaces and color and landscapes and flowers. I love words and writing

Sometimes I can’t adult but I do it anyway.

I am learning to rest.

I desire to award people for things they don’t normally love about themselves.

I love kindness and humor and patience and grace.

I love being alone and I love connecting with people.

Thank you for being here and for being part of my growth. 🖤🙏🏽

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Caroline Zarinelli

Caroline Zarinelli said:

I just found you…I LOVE you!!! So cool : )

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