Be Kind to Yourself Suncatcher Window Decal

Add some rainbows to your room with these gorgeous rainbow-making suncatchers — decals for windows. They will bright your space in a way you didn’t know you needed. These clear vinyl decals can be placed on any clear or glass surface that receives direct sunlight — windows in your home, apartment, office, car, greenhouse, studios, classrooms, garages, and more! 

For best results, place in a window that receives direct sunlight to witness a subtle rainbow pattern. If it’s a cloudy day, you won’t see the rainbows so please wait for the sun to shine directly through the suncatcher for the rainbows to reflect in the room. It is best if the glass surface is clean from dust, stains, lint, dirt, and fingerprints.

The suncatcher decal is professionally printed on a clear vinyl film in a confetti pattern, one of the brightest rainbows.
The decal is not meant to be reusable. It is recommended to start with a clean window or glass surface, wet the surface (or use a wet cloth), and then apply the decal. Once placed onto the area you want the decal, gently squeeze out the excess water and air bubbles, allowing the decal to stick to the glass. Removing and reapplying the decal later may damage the design.

Listing includes (1) suncatcher. Dimensions: approximately 5" x 4.6" and will come in a clear sleeve with an insert card. Multiple suncatchers may be placed in one sleeve to reduce carbon imprint. If you do not want it packaged, you can request it in a note at checkout.

Please note that photography props, backdrops, and any additional products are not included.

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