Wisteria Enamel Pin

Drape yourself in the cascading beauty of our Wisteria Enamel Pin. Wisterias, with their long, graceful clusters of soft purple flowers, have enamored poets and artists alike, symbolizing love, passion, and a new beginning. This pin flawlessly encapsulates the ethereal allure of this magnificent bloom, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the wonders of nature.

Symbolism & Uses:
Love & Passion: Traditionally associated with love, the wisteria's vibrant blooms convey deep passion and enduring affection.
New Beginnings: The flowering of wisteria symbolizes fresh starts and new ventures, making this pin a beacon of hope and encouragement.
Mystical Beauty: Due to their cascading appearance, wisterias are often linked with mystery and enchantment, adding an element of intrigue when worn.
Spring's Arrival: A herald of spring, wisterias signal the season's rejuvenation and rebirth.

Key Features:
Size & Finish: Perfectly sized at 1.75" and mounted on a top-tier gold-plated base.
Rich Coloring: Enhanced through layers of UV screen printing, the pin showcases elegant purple petals and lush green leaves.
Exquisite Craftsmanship: Fabricated with high-grade enamel to promise long-lasting luminance and resilience.
Double-Pin Stability: Features two pin posts for a steadfast and flush fit on all types of fabric.
The Ideal Gift: A sublime choice for plant lovers, floral enthusiasts, or anyone who is captivated by the unique beauty of nature.

Embrace the splendor and serenity of spring with our Wisteria Enamel Pin. Whether adorned as a symbol of love or gifted to celebrate a new chapter, its essence is sure to enchant.

Each polished gold-plated hard enamel pin comes mounted with a backing card. This enamel pin comes with two rubber clutches. Secure your pin with deluxe locking pin backs. Please note that photography props, backdrops, and other enamel pins are not included.

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