What I Focus on Expands Matte Sticker


Quick Overview:

  • Size: 2.6” x 1.5"
  • Material: Clear matte sticker
  • Design: Black with colored block text
  • Text: “What I focus on expands.”


Embrace the power of positive thinking with the "What I Focus on Expands" Matte Sticker. This elegantly designed clear matte sticker features a bold black background and vivid colored block text that delivers the impactful message, “What I focus on expands.” An essential addition to your stationery collection, this sticker is perfect for decorating your journal, laptop, water bottle, and more.

Who Would It Be Good For:

  • Individuals interested in mindfulness and positive psychology
  • Those who appreciate motivational and thoughtful messages
  • People engaged in personal development and goal setting
  • Anyone looking to add meaningful and inspiring decor to their personal items


  • Personalize and inspire journals, planners, or diaries with a powerful message
  • Decorate laptops or phone cases to keep positive affirmations close
  • Adorn water bottles or notebooks to spread inspiration
  • Gift to friends, family, or colleagues to encourage focus on personal growth


  • High-quality clear matte material ensures durability and a sophisticated look
  • Adds an empowering and motivational touch to everyday items
  • Serves as a reminder of the power of focus and intention in shaping our lives
  • A versatile and thought-provoking way to express your approach to life

Why People Should Collect Stickers:

  • Stickers offer a unique way to express personal philosophies and values
  • They provide a fun and functional method to personalize belongings and stationery
  • Collecting stickers adds an element of joy and inspiration to your stationery collection
  • Having a diverse assortment of stickers ensures you have the perfect message for any mood or occasion

The "What I Focus on Expands" Matte Sticker is a reminder of the incredible power of your attention and thoughts. Let this sticker be a source of daily motivation and a testament to the potential that lies in focusing on the positive aspects of life.

Our stickers are great for a variety of uses and make for a great gift for anyone. Use them on walls, windows, glass, mugs, cups, books, binders, notebooks, laptops, cars, or any other clean, flat surface. 

High-quality classic, white premium adhesive film with a matte  Printed on PVC-free film that’s environmental-friendly. Full-color print.

Please note that photography props, backdrops, and other stickers or pins are not included. Colors may vary on screen.

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