Rose (Purple) Enamel Pin | June Birth Month Flower


Add a touch of enigma to your ensemble with our exquisite Purple Rose Enamel Pin. Throughout history, the purple rose has been a symbol of enchantment, fascination, and the mysteries of love. This pin, with its lush lavender and deeper purple shades, is a celebration of love's deeper, more mysterious layers.

Symbolism & Uses:
Enchantment: A purple rose is known to convey enchantment and a deep magnetism.
Mystery and Love: Representing the complexities and depths of love, a purple rose stands for love at first sight or a love that's steadily deepening.
Royalty and Elegance: The color purple has always been associated with royalty, suggesting majesty and ageless beauty.
Unique Adoration: The less common hue of this rose speaks of unique and extraordinary feelings.

Key Features:
Size & Finish: Exquisitely sized at 1.75" in height, anchored on a brilliant gold-plated base.
Detailed Craftsmanship: With precise UV screen printing, the pin vividly brings out shades of lavender and rich purple on petals and complementing green leaves.
High-Quality Material: Made with premium enamel, ensuring vibrant colors and a long-lasting sheen.
Dual-Pin Attachment: Comes with two pin posts for a secure fit, ensuring your rose stays put on any attire.
Thoughtful Gift: An ideal gift for those who appreciate roses with a twist, garden lovers, or anyone wishing to wear love's mystery close to their heart.

Adorn yourself with the mystique and allure of our Purple Rose Enamel Pin, and carry with you the deeper, enigmatic shades of love.

Each polished gold-plated hard enamel pin comes mounted with a backing card. This enamel pin comes with two rubber clutches. Secure your pin with deluxe locking pin backs. Please note that photography props, backdrops, and other enamel pins are not included.

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