My Feelings Notepad | Planning Memo Pad


 Quick Overview:

  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Sheets: 50
  • Includes: Feelings wheel illustration and questions to process emotions
  • Colors: Soft pastel rainbow
  • Material: High-quality paper suitable for various pens and inks


The "My Feelings Notepad" is a beautifully crafted mindfulness tool designed to help you navigate your emotions and the thoughts that arise from them. Adorned with soft pastel rainbow colors, this notepad features a helpful feelings wheel illustration and prompts to guide you in processing your emotions and the thoughts they trigger.

Who Would It Be Good For:

  • Individuals looking to better understand and process their emotions
  • Anyone interested in self-improvement and emotional wellbeing
  • People who find solace in journaling and reflection


  • Utilize the feelings wheel to identify and label emotions
  • Reflect on thoughts triggered by specific emotions
  • Practice mindfulness and emotional processing through guided questions
  • Journal about experiences and feelings to gain clarity and insight


  • Improve emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Foster a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for managing emotions

Why You Should Collect Notepads:

  • A collection of notepads provides versatile options for different moods and needs
  • Notepads are a creative and functional way to express yourself and stay organized
  • Collecting notepads adds an element of joy and aesthetics to your stationery collection
  • Having a variety of notepads ensures you always have the perfect tool for reflection, goal setting, or simply capturing your thoughts

The "My Feelings Notepad" is your companion on the journey to self-discovery and emotional wellbeing. Let this notepad guide you in exploring your emotions and the thoughts they trigger, ultimately leading you to a more positive and fulfilling life.

The paper is uncoated for excellent writability and printability and is from sustainable sources. You’ll love the tactile paper feel! This is also a great gift for all your stationery-collecting friends!

Please note that photography props, backdrops, and any additional products are not included.

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