Incoming Text: I Care About You Enamel Pin


Quick Overview:

  • Size: 1.2" tall
  • Design: Text message replica expressing heartfelt care and understanding
  • Metal: Luxurious gold-plated finish
  • Pin Posts: Two
  • Extras: Complemented with 2 black rubber backs and presented on a stylish backing card
  • Secure Your Pin: Enhance the grip of your pin with our Deluxe Locking Pin Backs.


Showcase a beacon of support and understanding with our "I Care about You" Enamel Pin. This pin, shaped like an incoming text message, resonates with feelings of empathy, patience, and an unwavering presence for someone special.

Meanings & Symbolism:

  • Text Message Form: Represents the small yet profound digital gestures that communicate deep emotions in today's age.
  • Empathetic Text: Stands as a reminder of unwavering support and the value of holding space for someone.


  • Empathetic Expression: Wear this pin as an emblem of your commitment to understanding and caring for those around you.
  • Heartfelt Gift: A thoughtful gesture for someone going through a challenging time, letting them know they're not alone.
  • Collectible Token: A beautiful addition for those who cherish meaningful pins and empathetic expressions.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Design: Artfully created to capture the essence of a genuine, caring message in the form of a digital text.
  • Durable Make: Made from high-quality materials with a shiny gold-plated finish, ensuring durability and long-lasting sheen.
  • Sincere Message: Imprinted with words of care, patience, and genuine support.

When the world feels overwhelming, small tokens of understanding can make a vast difference. Our "I Care about You" Enamel Pin stands as a symbol of that undying support. It reminds the wearer of the presence of someone who genuinely cares, meeting them wherever they are, without judgment. Whether for yourself or as a gift, let this pin be a testament to the strength of quiet, consistent support in the face of challenges. Embrace the notion of holding space, and let this pin convey the message when words sometimes fall short.

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