Dahlia (Red/Orange) Floral Enamel Pin


Quick Overview:

  • Size: 1.75" Tall
  • Design: Dahlia Flower
  • Color: Vivid Red/Orange
  • Material: High-Quality Enamel.  Utilizes UV printing, a technique that allows us to capture more intricate details compared to traditional enamel methods.  


Infuse your style with the vibrant energy of our Dahlia (Red/Orange) Enamel Pin. Measuring 1.75" tall, this pin is a striking representation of a dahlia flower, bursting with vivid red and orange hues. Crafted with precision and care, the high-quality enamel brings out the fiery colors and intricate details of the dahlia's petals.

Symbolism: Dahlias are admired for their geometric petal patterns and rich colors, symbolizing passion, strength, and a zest for life. This pin is more than an accessory; it's a celebration of bold beauty and the spirit of perseverance.

Perfect For:

  • Enthusiasts of bold and bright floral designs
  • Those looking to add a statement piece to their wardrobe
  • Collectors seeking unique, eye-catching enamel pins
  • A special gift to inspire confidence and vibrancy


  • A standout addition to jackets, backpacks, or hats
  • Elevate your accessory game on any occasion
  • Personalize and brighten up your everyday items
  • An ideal gift for friends and family who love vibrant colors


  • Made with durable, high-quality enamel for longevity
  • The perfect size to catch the eye without overpowering
  • Adds a burst of color and elegance to your look
  • A beautiful way to wear a symbol of passion and vitality

Add unique, high-quality flair to your pin collection with the Dahlia (Red/Orange) Enamel Pin to your collection today and bring the warmth and vibrancy of a summer garden to your everyday life. It's a small reminder to embrace life's passions with boldness and beauty.

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