Gladiolus Enamel Pin | August Birth Month Flower

Step into a world of floral splendor with our Gladiolus Enamel Pin. Known as the "flower of the gladiators," the gladiolus signifies strength, integrity, and a fierce heart. This enchanting pin pays homage to the vibrant spirit of this flower, making it an exquisite piece for all botanical aficionados.

Symbolism & Uses:
Strength & Integrity: The gladiolus stands tall and dignified, symbolizing strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity.
Celebration of Special Occasions: Gladiolus is often gifted on birthdays and anniversaries, representing infatuation and ensuring the recipient is always remembered.
Growth and Transformation: Just as the gladiolus grows from a humble bulb to a vibrant flower, it reminds wearers of personal growth and transformation.
Nature's Art: For those who admire the intricate artistry of nature, this pin offers a touch of nature's elegance wherever they go.

Key Features:
Size & Finish: Elegantly sized at 1.75" and adorned on a rich gold-plated base.
Vivid Coloring: Brought to life with layers of UV screen printing, the pin radiates in shades of lively pink petals contrasted with lush green leaves.
Supreme Craftsmanship: Made with the finest enamel, ensuring a lasting luminosity and resilience.
Double-Pin Design: Designed with two pin posts for optimal stability and alignment on all fabrics.
Gift of Affection: Ideal for gifting on special occasions or to someone who appreciates the beauty and depth of nature's creations.

Our Gladiolus Enamel Pin is more than just a decorative piece; it's a symbol of passion, strength, and the timeless beauty of nature. Whether added to a personal collection or presented as a gift, its allure is bound to captivate.

Each polished gold-plated hard enamel pin comes mounted with a backing card. This enamel pin comes with two rubber clutches. Secure your pin with deluxe locking pin backs. Please note that photography props, backdrops, and other enamel pins are not included.

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