Bluebell Floral Enamel Pin

Quick Overview:
  • Size: 1.75" tall
  • Type: Gold-plated enamel pin
  • Colors: Blue, lavender, and green shades
  • Pin Posts: Two
  • Extras: Comes with 2 black rubber backs and an exquisitely designed backing card
  • Secure Your Pin: Enhance your pin's security with the Deluxe Locking Pin Backs.


Evoke the enchanting allure of spring woodlands with our tri-colored Bluebell Floral Enamel Pin. This meticulously crafted pin embodies the delicate charm of bluebells with serene shades of blue, dreamy lavender, and verdant green.

Meanings & Symbolism:

  • Eternal Love & Gratitude: Bluebells are often associated with unwavering love, gratitude, and constancy.
  • Humility & Constancy: Their drooping heads symbolize humility, while their perennial nature stands for constancy in love and friendship.
  • Springtime Reverie: A herald of spring, bluebells bring with them the promise of renewal and rejuvenated spirits.


  • Elegant Flair: Bestow a touch of woodland magic to jackets, tote bags, hats, or scarves.
  • Gift of Sentiment: An ideal gift for someone cherished, symbolizing your everlasting bond and gratitude.
  • Collector's Pride: A must-have for enamel pin enthusiasts and those drawn to delicate floral aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Shimmering gold-plated base perfectly highlights the bluebell's tranquil colors.
  • Intricate Design: Expertly captures the gentle gradient of blue, lavender, and green, encapsulating the Bluebell's ethereal beauty.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Equipped with two robust pin posts and accompanied by 2 black rubber backs for optimum security.
  • Packaging: Presented on a custom-designed backing card, making it a sublime choice for gifting or treasuring.

Let the Bluebell Floral Enamel Pin be a cherished emblem of nature's quiet beauty and the heartfelt emotions it signifies. Embrace the springtime spirit wherever you go!

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