Curator of Art Matte Sticker

This quote "I'm not a craft hoarder. I'm the curator of an extensive private art supply collection." Comes in two styles - a simple gradient version in neutral colors and a bright floral hand-lettered style. 

Use the sticker on notepads, water bottles, laptop surfaces, the mirror, anywhere you want to look at the reminder. This sticker is protected with a unique satin matte soft-touch laminate with a smooth feel. The simple gradient version is not UV-protected with limited outdoor life. It is not waterproof or weatherproof. However, the color version that has thick, high quality vinyl that is dishwasher tested, scratch and fade resistant and waterproof.

Please note that photography props, backdrops, and any additional products are not included.

Measures approximately 4.2" wide x 2" tall for the gradient neutral version and 2.9" wide and 4" tall for the bright floral color version.

Items are shipped from the USA through USPS within 4-7 business days. 
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