What to Do With Pins?

What to Do With Pins?

September 23, 2020

You know those cute little pins you see everywhere? They’re all the rage, and many people of all ages are loving them. You may have thought to yourself, “I kind of want some...but I’m not really sure where to put them.”


Sound familiar?

We’ve outlined the top ways you can use enamel pins, so maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own collection!

Denim Jacket

Have an old denim jacket laying around? Why not spruce it up with some pins? This is such an homage to the 90s...and with the 90s making a total comeback in fashion, this is the perfect way to fit right in.

Add some color and personality to your denim and stand out from the crowd!

Purse or Backpack

Adding pins to a purse or backpack is a perfect way to personalize an item that you always have with you. Show off your vibe by sprucing up your accessories to reflect your style!

Shirt Collar

If you’ve ever wanted just a little bit extra sass on your shirts, adorn the collars with a pin or two! Pins are perfect alternatives (or additions) to earrings and necklaces. Just add them to your accessory rotation, and you’re good to go!


Do you have a plain sweater laying in your closet? Maybe one that you’re used to wearing with a layering necklace, or something else to give it a bit of extra flair. Why not add a simple pin? It’s the perfect little touch to make a huge difference in your outfit. And, it’s sure to be a conversation starter!

Cork Boards

Want to add a bit of personality to your office or favorite room? Cork boards are great ways to display all of your favorite pins, while adding a bit of personalized decor to your space! Fill your cork board with pins and special photos to create a truly one-of-a-kind display piece!

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are the perfect pin displaying accessories! Because they’re so easily customizable, you can choose or make a hoop that will complement the pin aesthetic to truly create a unique display that you’re proud of. 

Pencil or Planner Cases

Have a bunch of pencils and want to store them in something cute? No one needs plain pencil cases….boring! Why not spruce up your case with some fun pins? Express your personality by adorning your pencil cases with something that is reflective of you (pssst: you can decorate your sunglasses case with pins, too)! They work really great on some planner cases as well! 


So, now that you have some ideas of how you can use pins, you are officially ready to start your own pin collection! Head here to check out the latest pins from The Gray Muse for some inspiration!

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Vicki Kroll

Vicki Kroll said:

Thank you for the great ideas. I was just looking at my pins this morning and trying to figure out the best way to display them. I love the embroidery hoop idea. I see the hoops at thrift stores often.

Alison V Murray

Alison V Murray said:

I received my pin very fast. I wore it on my shirt and all the ladies at our crop loved it.


Tammie said:

I display all of my pins on a paint canvas and hang on the wall.

Vicki Huffman

Vicki Huffman said:

Great ideas! I’ve been displaying my pins on a letterboard but I’m running out of space. Will try an embroidery hoop next.


Debra said:

I display using various shapes and colors of felt boards. The designs are almost limitless and beautiful colors…another way to create. I love tiny art and pins provide the option to show how many different things inspire you. The felt boards are made out of recycled plastics and help buffer sound. Just another option for pin collectors. Check out felt right boards. I don’t have any stake in the company, but sharing because not many know about this option.

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