The Secret Formula to Success

The Secret Formula to Success

February 08, 2020

I’m not afraid to be average.

My genius friend Laura Belgray shared recently about marketing expert Seth Godin admitting that 50% of his writing is below average.iIf you want excellence, you have to be willing to create as often as possible. 🙌🏼 some of it will definitely be below average, but some of it will be above for sure.

It’s just not possible to wait to create only the best of the best ✨ because you never know what will resonate with your audience.

In just 11 months, I released 90 designs (about half are retired). a few were a hit. some were just awful. does that make me a terrible creator? no. I’m embracing the suck while not letting it define who I am as a person.

If there’s an idea I want to bring to life, I give it a chance. I don’t need everyone to like all my ideas. 😋 you have to make room for failure to make room for success.

Thank you being part of my journey. 💕 I would love to know: what was your FAVORITE design I’ve released? 🙂 share below.

That being said, I’m committed to showing up more on video (tune into my stories and lives to catch them), sharing what I’ve learned in regards to reframing negative beliefs, my idea process, my business insights, and more.

Embracing the suck is my 2020 mantra.



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