The Gray Muse Interactive Enamel Pin Collection

The Gray Muse Interactive Enamel Pin Collection

October 06, 2020

The interactive pins have been some of my best-selling, unique designs on the enamel pin market! Interactive pins are pins that have moving parts, to make the pin experience even better! Read on to learn all about our interactive enamel pins.

Color Wheel Enamel Pin

The Color Wheel Enamel Pin is a beloved rainbow-hued tool that most artists have used while learning the foundations of color theory. This interactive and semi-functional enamel pin is a stylish and playful ode to the creative life. With a top layer that spins, these pins make a fun gift for your favorite maker, artist, crafter, art student, graphic designer, or for yourself! 


I Am Doing My Best Spinner Enamel Pin

I loaded the I Am Doing My Best interactive enamel pin with reminders that you are simply human. Part of the Encouraging Collection, which is all about uplifting when you're feeling discouraged. The arrow reads "I am" and spins around the circle to complete the encouraging sentence: "doing my best," "good enough," "still growing," "a priority," "resilient," and "100% human." Stylish gold metal plating is filled with black, making for a great gift for friends, family, and yourself.

Sewing Machine Interactive Enamel Pin

The Sewing Machine Interactive Enamel Pin is for anyone who loves to sew or appreciates sewing, this interactive sewing machine enamel pin will be a favorite.

Available in two colors: turquoise and black. The mechanism for the needle is subtle and can be done by shaking the pin up and down or moving the needle from behind. The front features a gorgeous screen-printed floral design in yellow, pink, white and green hues. Celebrate your creative business or crafty hobby with this stylish pin.

Bold Affirmations Spinner Enamel Pin

The Bold Affirmations Spinner Pin is for the inner child in every one of us. It’s a great tool for self-healers and those on a healing journey, with reminders to boost your mood. 

Comes in multiple color versions: Anyone who loves a positive affirmation will appreciate this pin.

Now that you've browsed all of our interactive pins, which is your favorite!? Let us know in the comments below!


Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:

I LOVE them all! The listening one is my fav!

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