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RETIRING My Love Language is Food Text Enamel Pin


Introducing our delightful "My Love Language Is Food" enamel pin, designed for those who are unapologetic about how they love to be nurtured and nourished in relationships. This charming pin serves as a daily reminder that food is a universal language of love, making it a perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys dining out with family and friends, exploring new restaurants, and savoring diverse cuisines. Whether you're a food blogger, chef, cook, or just someone who appreciates a delicious meal, this pin is a celebration of the connections formed around the table.

Key Features:

✨ 1.5" Wide: Measuring 1.5 inches in width, this pin is the perfect size to wear on your jacket, backpack, or hat, allowing you to display your passion for culinary adventures and shared experiences.

✨ Appetizing Design: The pin features an inviting blue background, black screen printed text, and a gold base, creating a visually appealing design that captures the joy of sharing food with loved ones.

✨ Heartwarming Message: "My Love Language Is Food" is a relatable statement that celebrates the nurturing and nourishing power of food in relationships and the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with others.

✨ Perfect for Foodies: This enamel pin is ideal for food bloggers, restaurant critics, chefs, cooks, or anyone who works with food and enjoys sharing their culinary experiences through social media channels and travels to taste foods around the world.

✨ Thoughtful Gift: This enamel pin makes an ideal gift for friends, family, or colleagues who love to go out to eat and try new foods. It's a delightful way to acknowledge their passion for culinary experiences and the connections formed around the table.

✨ High-Quality Material: Made from durable enamel and designed to last, this pin will maintain its vibrant appearance for years, providing a lasting reminder of the joy of food and the bonds it creates.

Add the "My Love Language Is Food" enamel pin to your collection or gift it to a fellow food lover who relishes dining out with family and friends, exploring new cuisines, or sharing their culinary adventures through social media. This pin serves as a charming reminder of the nurturing and nourishing power of food in relationships, celebrating culinary connections and the joy of sharing meals with those we love.

Stamped with “The Gray Muse” on the back. Each polished hard enamel pin comes mounted with a backing card. This enamel pin comes with two rubber clutches. Secure your pin with deluxe locking pin backs.

Please note that photography props, backdrops, and other enamel pins are not included.

Add unique, high-quality flair to your pin collection. See blog post What to Do with Pins? if you're looking for inspiration for your pin collection.

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